About Us

Dayana Fuentes CEO

«This work of art doesn’t carry my signature, it carries my soul» Dayana Fuentes 2021

Our Founder

Founded in 2020 by Dayana Fuentes, our platform has become a vibrant space where a passion for the arts is combined with a desire to share knowledge.

Dayana, as founder, has brought a unique vision and an unwavering commitment to creating an environment where art is not only appreciated, but also understood at its best. Her vision has been the foundation upon which we have built our community.

Natalie Greenberg – Director of Arts

She brings a depth of knowledge and experience in the art world. Her leadership has guided the development of educational content that seeks to enrich the understanding and appreciation of diverse works of art. Natalie is the driving force behind our mission to provide accessible and engaging educational resources.

Nelson Gonzalez – Marketing Analyst

Plays a crucial role in bringing art to new audiences through innovative strategies. His expertise in digital marketing translates into the effective promotion of our educational articles, ensuring they reach those seeking to discover the beauty and meaning behind each work.

Together, our team is dedicated to building a bridge between art and knowledge, making it accessible to all. Join us on this exciting journey of artistic exploration and continuous learning.

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