Violet Wassily Kandinsky

Black and Violet Wassily Kandinsky ➤Odyssey and Geometry

The painting «Black and Violet» stands as a transcendental work that fuses abstract art with the rich history and personal experience of renowned Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. In this article, we explore the layers of meaning behind this masterpiece, focusing on its geometric shapes, vibrant colors and the narrative woven through its brushstrokes.

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Understanding Black and Violet Wassily Kandinsky

The Post-World War I Resurgence:

The decade of the 1920s witnessed a resurgence in the arts, marking an era where creativity flourished after the horrors of World War I. Kandinsky’s «Black and Violet» painting was shaped by exceptional circumstances: Time, place and environment. The Bauhaus, an epicenter of advanced ideas, provided fertile ground for new artistic expressions. In the company of outstanding colleagues, Kandinsky found a creative catalyst that influenced his work in unique ways.

Kandinsky and Paul Klee talk and share ideas at Bauhaus-Germany, the center where Kandinsky realized Black and Violet.

Kandinsky and Paul Klee talk and share ideas at Bauhaus- Germany

The Hidden Narrative in Shapes and Colors:

The interpretation of «Black and Violet» as a visual story of the Kandinsky’s departure from Russia adds an intriguing narrative dimension to the work. Two large dominant colorful shapes, representing sailboats and a stormy cloud, bring this narrative to life. The subtle allusion to reality, though vague, intertwines with the artist’s mind, creating a veil that focused attention and imagination can lift.

Infinite Forms and Devotion to Inner Beauty

Of particular note is the use of geometric shapes in «Black and Violet» to create an appearance of infinity. This approach, along with the depiction of forms that continue their pattern deep within themselves, reveals Kandinsky’s raw yet disciplined talent. The work is a testament to the artist’s deep and powerful devotion to inner beauty, masterfully captured in this exquisite painting.

Christie auction in New York for $12.6 million Black and Violet

«Black and Violet» It was sold on November 5, 2013 at a Christie auction in New York for $12.6 million.

The Emotion of Geometric Shapes:

Russian flag in Black and violet by Kandinsky

Russian flag in Black and violet by Kandinsky

We are led to explore the emotion inherent in contrasting geometric shapes in «Black and Violet.» The work, completed in 1923 during Kandinsky’s stay in Germany, highlights his foray into intense abstract painting. This painting renowned for its detailed composition and rich colors combines the passion of northern Russian folk art with an almost spiritual precision in form and color.

Black and Violet Wassily Kandinsky – 1923

Date: 1923 – Germany
Style: Geometric abstraction
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensiones: 30.6 × 39.5″ (77.8 × 100.4 cm)
Location: Private collection

This unique piece stands as a testament to the genius and artistic evolution of Wassily Kandinsky. Inspired by the cultural resurgence after World War I, this masterpiece encapsulates the narrative of the artist’s departure from Russia and his devotion to inner beauty. Through infinite geometric forms and rich colors, the painting leaves a lasting impression on the art world, cementing its place as one of Kandinsky’s finest creations in 1923.

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