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Joan Mitchell Posted Expressionism【Abstract】

Joan Mitchell, painter of the work “Posted”, born in 1925 in Chicago, is remembered as a leading influential figure representing the American Abstract Expressionist movement. Although much of her career was spent in France, her impact on the art world has spread globally.

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Meeting Joan Mitchel Author of “Posted”.

Raised in an affluent Chicago family, Joan Mitchell, the daughter of a doctor and a poetry magazine editor, experienced from an early age a total immersion in the fascinating world of art and culture.

Her innate interest in both painting and poetry was nurtured in an environment that fostered artistic appreciation.

The Power of Choice

At the age of 11, her father challenged her to choose her destiny, encouraging her to excel in whatever she chose. Without hesitation, Mitchell opted for art, a choice that not only defined her career, but catapulted her into a brilliant career in the world of 20th century abstract expressionist painting.

 Joan Mitchell at age 11 author of Posted reading a poem

Forging an Artistic Destiny

From an early age, Joan Mitchell cultivated her love of art in an environment where horseback riding and skating were more than just pastimes; they were character-defining elements that left an indelible mark on her artistic vision. While enjoying these activities, Mitchell not only developed remarkable physical skills, but also absorbed the connection between graceful movement and artistic expression.

This early encounter with the synergy between sport and creativity would later manifest itself in his works, endowing them with a unique energy and a striking presence in the pictorial universe.

Rigorous academic training

Her formal training at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her BFA in 1947 and her MFA in 1950, stands as the cornerstone of Joan Mitchell’s artistic career. This period of rigorous apprenticeship laid the foundation for her technical prowess and deep understanding of the visual arts.

Joan Mitchell, in the Heart of the City of Light

Joan Mitchell’s move to France proved to be a crucial episode in her artistic development, giving her the unique opportunity to study in Paris on an academy scholarship. This period in the “city of light” stood as a transcendental turning point, marking a milestone in her style, with a remarkable evolution towards a more pronounced abstraction.

This trip not only expanded her creative horizons, but led her to conceive monumental works, including a visit to an estate steeped in the legacy of French impressionist Claude Monet. The amalgam of her Manhattan training and her Paris experience shaped the canvas of her career.

Artistic Persistence and Personal Storms

Joan Mitchell's husband Barney Rosset photographed in New York City - 1947

Despite facing a personal setback with her divorce in 1952, Joan Mitchell remained steadfast in her artistic path, emerging as a leading figure in the 20th century Abstract Expressionist movement.

Her paintings, marked by bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors and a palpable sense of energy in motion, established her as a unique force. Helping her to move forward.

Joan Mitchell’s husband Barney Rosset photographed in New York City – 1947

The Indomitable Joan Mitchell

Described as charming and cantankerous, Joan Mitchell embodied the tumultuous nature of her art in her personal life. Facing depression and leading a nomadic existence, her constant transit between France and the United States reflected an intrinsic duality.

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The bipolarity between her charm and temperament, coupled with her ability to transform adversity into striking art, cemented the figure of Joan Mitchell.

Joan Mitchell “Posted”

Analyzing “Posted”

Left Panel of Posted by Joan Mitchell

Left Panel

In the left panel, Joan Mitchell displays a masterful command of the color blue. The thick, energetic brushstrokes bring to life a palpable sense of movement. Blue, with its cool, deep hue, not only suggests the vastness of the sky, but also evokes the serenity of water or the vastness of space. Mitchell’s ability to use expressive brushstrokes contributes to the creation of a visual dynamism that extends across the canvas.

Movement & Energy

Unity and continuity are achieved through the strategic distribution of these brushstrokes, forming a work that transcends the static and captures the very essence of movement and energy. This panel, imbued with Mitchell’s mastery, invites a contemplation that goes beyond the visual, connecting with the viewer’s emotions through the vivid dance of color.

Right Panel

The right panel is presented predominantly in a serene shade of green, where soft brushstrokes collaborate to weave an atmosphere of calm. This color, evocative of nature, gently unfolds on the canvas, creating a visual setting that invites quiet contemplation.

Serenity of Green and Vitality of Yellow

Yellow, with its warm and cheerful nature, breaks the tranquility of green and adds an element of light and joy to the composition. This interplay between the serenity of green and the vitality of yellow achieves a captivating harmony, fusing two shades that, despite their differences, coexist in perfect complementarity.

Emotional Chromaticism

Mitchell manages to convey not only the chromatic duality, but also the emotional richness that emanates from the interaction between green and yellow, transforming the canvas into a visual oasis of tranquility and vitality.

Right Panel of Posted by Joan Mitchell

The Complex Harmony of ‘Posted’

The relationship between the two panels of Joan Mitchell’s “Posted” painting is intricate and ambiguous, creating a unique dynamic. The left panel radiates activity and vitality with its thick, expressive blue brushstrokes, while the right panel is immersed in the tranquility and serenity of green, accentuated by flecks of yellow. This fusion of contrasting elements not only creates a palpable tension, but also achieves a dynamic balance that invites contemplation.

Inspiration in “Posted”

Mitchell, known for drawing inspiration from nature, demonstrates in “Posted” her ability to capture the beauty and power of the natural world in an abstract form. Each panel, with its own energy and tonality, becomes a canvas that fuses the vibrant and the serene, drawing the viewer into a visual experience that reflects the complexity and harmony present in nature itself.

The influence of 19th century post-impressionist painters, especially Henri Matisse, left an indelible mark on Mitchell’s work. His memories of landscapes experienced throughout his life were manifested in compositions such as “Posted” that captured the essence of nature and emotions.

Why the title “Posted”?

The title of the painting is ambiguous and can be interpreted in several ways. It could refer to the way the brushstrokes of the painting are arranged on the canvas, as if they are deliberately “placed”. It could also refer to the subject, which could be seen as a depiction of nature as a place of beauty and peace.

Alternative meaning of the painting “Posted”

It could be considered a representation of Joan Mitchell’s emotional state, where the left panel symbolizes her more passionate and expressive side, while the right panel reflects her serenity and tranquility. This emotional duality offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s inner world. However, the interpretation of the work is subjective and depends on the personal perspective of each viewer.

Katy Siegel art curator and critic for Joan Mitchell Posted

Commenting and talking about Joan Mitchell’s “Posted”.

Art curator Katie Siegel, in charge of an outstanding exhibition at the Baltimore Museum on Mitchell, highlights the tireless effort to place her in the pantheon of abstract expressionists who left a profound mark on the 1950s.

Katie describes “Posted” as a painting: strong, muscular, dual and disturbing, standing as the very embodiment of the aspirations of American abstract expressionism.

“Posted” Masterpiece of Abstract Expressionism

Highlighted as one of Joan Mitchell’s most iconic paintings. Its richness and complexity allow the work to offer different meanings to different people, transcending time and maintaining its relevance in contemporary art.

This powerful and evocative piece continues to resonate today, inviting reflection and continued appreciation of Joan Mitchell’s artistic mastery.

The legacy of Joan Mitchell and her painting “Posted”.

Mitchell not only left a mark on canvases, but also established the Joan Mitchell Foundation, a non-profit entity that supports active artists through grants and scholarships, solidifying their impact beyond the canvas.

Last photo of Joan Mitchell author of Posted

Joan Mitchell’s commitment to art lasted until her death in 1992, marking the end of nearly five decades dedicated to painting. Despite her departure at the age of 67 due to lung cancer, her legacy lives on.

Mitchell did not witness the skyrocketing prices of his work during his lifetime. Works such as “Blueberry” reached astronomical figures, fetching $16 million in 2018, long after his passing. This postmortem phenomenon highlights the initial underestimation of his value and the belated recognition of his artistic genius.

His unique and expressive style, rooted in the emotional intensity and bold gesture of abstract expressionism, continues to inspire future generations of artists and art enthusiasts.

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