Van Gogh Billiard Parlour At Night

Van Gogh Billiard Parlour At Night ➤ 1888

Billiard Parlour At Night of Van Gogh becomes relevant due to its inspiration in a night cafe frequented by drunks and prostitutes. This work is also known as «Le Café de Nuit» or «The Night Café» is considered one of his masterpieces like many others.

Van Gogh Billiard Parlour At Night vicent self-portrait

Vincent van Gogh was a pioneer of post-impressionism in the 19th century, with a spectacular ability to simplify shapes and colours. His post-impressionist art was characterized by a unique aesthetic sensibility and an inclination towards the abstract, which established him as an emblematic figure in the history of art.

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History Of The Night Café

Night café on Place Lamartine, Vincent van Gogh

The painting was born from Vincent Van Gogh’s lodging in Arles, there is a letter where he tells his brother Theo Van Gogh: «The owners of the lease are charging me a lot of money for the stay, so I will take revenge in the best way and paint their rotten shack to collect from them.» Although, this doesn’t worry me so much, since the painting is one of the ugliest I have ever done. In the meantime, I have made a drawing with the tones in watercolour for your approval.

Knowing The Actual Site Of The Work Of Art

Van Gogh was staying at the Café de la Gare, located at 30 Place Lamartine, a place owned by Joseph-Michel Ginoux and his wife Marie.

Billiard Parlour at Night By Vicent Van Gogh


Van Gogh billiard parlour at night

Technical Data Sheet:


Vincent van Gogh
Oil on canvas
72,4 cm × 92,1 cm
Yale University Art Gallery

Analysis of Billiard Parlour at Night

The Contrast of Café de la Gare

That kitchen with an eerie nocturnal glow, hidden in the terrible burning wood stove, contrasts well with the electric bulbVan Gogh billiard parlour at night

The work took him three continuous nights to finish, and although its name «Cafe de la Gare» contradicts a little, it was a billiard room open at night, where at first glance the bright red walls star in the work.

The hidden glow

That kitchen with an eerie nocturnal glow hidden in the terrible burning wood-burning oven contrasts well with the glass-covered electric bulb hanging over the yellow linoleum surface.

The Game of Light and Depth

Van Gog took very good care of the details marked on the window, perfectly combining the light that filters between the door and the open curtain, giving a fresh olive tone around it. But that’s not all, look closely at the bottom of this entrance, it leads you to another possible room.

Look closely at the bottom of this entry and it will lead you to another possible room. Van Gogh billiard parlour at night

Love and Curiosity

My curiosity is piqued by the enjoyment of this newly in love couple (left side) enjoying their drinks with both beverages, seemingly oblivious to the nearby presence of the sleeping drunk resting next to them. Just as the clock strikes 12:15 midnight.

The Essence of the Billiard Room

Undoubtedly, the famous billiard table located in the center of the room, along with its complete game kit, captures all eyes. The white attire of Joseph Ginoux, the owner of the establishment, stands out under the warm light of four glowing lamps. To complete the scene, the four characters of this work are accompanied by the watchmen of the place, who seek relief from the cold near the oven located on the right side.

Although the work does not follow a realistic style, it conveys a perception close to reality, that which a photograph would be incapable of emitting.

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